Facilitating professional development for lecturers

Educational innovation begins with the educators. Lecturers in higher education are continuously improving their research and their research programmes. Yet this is far from self-evident for their teaching, especially when it comes to using IT to improve teaching. Optimal use of the possibilities that IT in education offers requires new knowledge and skills among the most important group of people that determines the quality of education. Achieving this will require lecturer professional development to be embedded in all layers of the organisation, from HR to management. The facilitating professional development for lecturers zone conducted research for this purpose developed toolkits and collected good examples. The results and findings can be found on this page.

The Professional development zone was led by Ronald Spruijt and Kim Schildkamp.

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Team leaders of the Professional development zone Ronald Spruit and Kim Schildkamp give eight recommendations for effective professional development for lecturers in this video. Download the full Position Paper here.

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