The Educational Innovators

In the new podcast series of the Acceleration Plan, the Educational Innovators (de Onderwijsvernieuwers), Tjip de Jong and Philip Stein talk with educational innovators from higher education about innovation with IT in six episodes. What challenges and developments do we face in higher education? How do we give shape to the desired developments?

The first episodes are now available on Soundcloud and Spotify. (Dutch only)

Episode 1: Transition agenda Getting to grips with digitalisation

The first episode focuses on the Transition agenda Getting to grips with digitalisation. What does the desired transition imply? Why is this necessary? And how do we get started with this? We discuss this with Marian Kat-de Jong (educational innovator and policy manager at the Learning and Innovation Centre of Avans University of Applied Sciences) and Ilja Boor (senior interdisciplinary curriculum developer at the University of Amsterdam).

Listen to the podcast here or via Spotify.


Episode 2: Directing educational resources

In this second episode, we discuss the National approach to digital and open educational resources. How can we increase the supply and use of open and accessible digital educational resources? What does this require of institutions and lecturers? What agreements and preconditions are necessary regarding copyright, data, and purchasing? Huib de Jong (quartermaster of OER and author of the national approach) and Robert Schuwer (lecturer in OER at Fontys University of Applied Sciences and leader of the Educational Resources zone) provide us with more detailed information in this episode. 

Listen to the podcast below or via Spotify.  

Episode 3: Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning (LLL): how do we ensure flexible and easy continuing education and retraining for working people in the Netherlands? And what does this require from higher education institutions? In episode three, we discuss this with Annemieke van Barneveld-Biesma (project leader for Lifelong Learning at universities in the Netherlands) and Ronald Kleijn (initiator and driving force behind Make IT Work at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences). Using two examples – The LLL Catalyst of the National Growth Fund and Make IT Work – we show how the Lifelong Learning theme is given an impulse.

Listen to the podcast below or via Spotify.  

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