Working group EdTech for educational innovation

Developments in Educational Technology (EdTech) have been major accelerators of innovation in education over the past few decades. Research universities and universities of applied sciences are actively shaping their digital transformation, though each is doing so in its own way and at its own pace. Educational institutions are complex purchasing organisations. This causes high entry costs for new EdTech providers that wish to enter this market and high development costs for established EdTech companies and high costs and failure rates for institutions experimenting with new EdTech products and services. The working group EdTech for educational innovation is working to remove some of these obstacles.

Working group plans

The working group works to enable institutions within higher education to make room for educational innovation with EdTech, thus contributing to a stronger innovation culture. The working group wishes to contribute to institutions being better equipped to utilise the benefits of technology so Dutch (and European) EdTech companies can continue to innovate for the benefit of education. The working group will focus its efforts work on three major projects in 2022:

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If you have any questions about the EdTech working group, please contact: edtech@versnellingsplan.nl


The following activities are on the agenda for the Acceleration Plan

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