Findings Report: EdTech in Higher Education

Inventory of barriers for educational innovation with EdTech

Developments in educational technology (EdTech) have been key accelerators of innovation in teaching and learning in recent decades. With the overall aim of making optimum use of the possibilities that EdTech offers, it is the ambition of the Acceleration of Educational Innovation with EdTech Zone to make the Netherlands a fruitful breeding ground – and preferably a leading European beachhead – for fledgling EdTech providers and their educational innovations.

Effective strategies

At present, the adoption and scale-up rate of EdTech within higher education institutions is relatively low compared to other sectors (e.g. FinTech and MedTech). The reasons for this are numerous. To change this situation and to be able to create strategies that foster effective innovation with EdTech, we first need a thorough understanding of the barriers experienced by the higher education institutions and the EdTech providers. This understanding will provide a strong starting point for the development of such strategies.


The EdTech Zone therefore decided to perform an initial inventory of the barriers experienced by both sides when pursuing educational innovation with EdTech. This report is the outcome of this initial step. Based on the inventory of the barriers identified, the next step will be to gather, develop and share best practices to overcome these barriers.

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