Actualising Questions for EdTech Impact

A social imaginary for the public value of humanity in education

Public values is an important topic on the agenda at many higher education institutions, especially among technologists and policy advisers. The value ‘humanity’, when developing new technologies, is one of the most difficult topics to discuss because the word has many interpretations.

The EdTech for educational innovation working group, in collaboration with
Fontys‘ Technological Impact Cycle Tool (TICT) team, has developed a new tool ‘TICT’. The free tool helps teams assess the impact of (new) technologies in their institution by asking relevant questions. The working group and the TICT Team are working on a new version of the TICT tool. Keep an eye on the website for developments.

In this accompanying report, the working group defines public values as a framework for discussing the pressures of digital transformation on education and how social values can and should be a priority when discussing new educational tools. Download the report below and visit the TICT website for the tool.

Download the report here.

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