Strengthening digital human capital

Caroline van de Molen is captain of the Human capital zone.

Secure and reliable use of education data

Bram Enning is leader of the Education data zone.

Accelerating together

Yvonne Rouwhorst is the connector of and contact person for the Accelerating together zone.

06 8315 0687

Facilitating professional development for lecturers

Ronald Spruit and Kim Schildkamp are the leaders of the Professional development zone.

Evidence-informed educational innovation with ICT

Nico Boot is captain of the Evidence-informed zone.

Making education more flexible

Ulrike Wild and Paul den Hertog are the leaders of the Flexible education zone.

Towards digital (open) educational resources

Robert Schuwer is leader of the Digital educational resources zone.

06 1446 9300

Remote assessment

Sharon Klinkenberg is project leader of the Remote assessment working group.

Working group Practical skills

Esther van der Linde and Stijn Bos are project leaders of the working group digital education in practical skills.

Acceleration of educational innovation with EdTech

Jelle Kok is project leader of the EdTech working group.

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