Implementing educational innovations in higher education: from initiation to organizational routine

Educational innovation using ICT has been a priority in higher education for years, due to its impact on the quality and accessibility of higher education. Yet, initiating and implementing innovations in this area does not seem to come naturally. Educational innovations often stick to a few sad frontrunners or even cease to exist. It is therefore important to know what factors come into play to make innovations an organisational routine. Which factors stimulate the process? And which ones actually hinder the innovation process?

The Facilitating professional development for lecturers zone conducted research on how the zone’s developed innovations landed at the 16 participating higher education institutions. They also describe the factors involved in the innovation process to get from initiation to organisational routine. Because: you can learn to innovate!

Download the report here



In the research report, the zone describes the determining factors for successful implementation of innovation. Which factors are decisive? You can read it in the research report.


In this comic, you can see the factors that play a role in the innovation process, from initiation to organisational routine. You can also download the comic.


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