Privacy and Ethics Reference Framework for education data

Education data offers increasing opportunities to make higher education better, more effective and more efficient. In order to benefit, students and staff must be able to trust that education data will be used in a responsible way. Responsible means that education data may be used and that its use is in line with the values within the education sector.

The Secure and reliable use of education data zone has therefore drawn up the ‘Privacy and Ethics Reference Framework of education data’. The purpose of the Reference Framework is to give everyone studying or working in higher education the confidence that education data will be dealt with carefully and securely.

The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and the Universities of The Netherlands have embraced the Reference Framework. The launch was an important milestone within the Acceleration Plan. It marks the starting point for a transparent discussion about the safe and reliable use of education data.

During the development of the Reference Framework, the zone developed a Dilemma game. A game that facilitates the dialogue on the responsible use of education data and brings it to life.

Download the Reference Framework here

Download the Dilemma game here


Reference Framework

Why a reference framework? Educational institutions need clarification of the laws and regulations concerning the use of education data. The Reference Framework does exactly that: it indicates the ethical principles that should be taken into account when using education data and which legal principles are relevant. It also provides concrete guidance on how to implement these principles.

Dilemma game

The accompanying dilemma game helps to bring the reference framework to life. The aim of the game is to encourage a discussion about privacy and ethics in the practice of data-driven work at higher education institutions. Aspects of the Reference Framework are dealt with on the basis of fictitious examples.

You can find the user’s guide for the dilemma game here.

Explainer video

In this video, the zone explains what the Reference Framework is and why it is important for anyone studying or working in higher education.

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