Experimenting with EdTech – what we can learn from Fontys


Reducing the experimentation process of deploying new technology in education from sixteen weeks to one week, they did it at Fontys. How did they do it? The EdTech for Educational Innovation Working Group looked into it for you as part of their research project. In doing so, they answered the question: How do you innovate and experiment with Educational Technology (EdTech) in higher education? In this blog, you will find an example from Fontys.

Faster experimentation with EdTech
Fontys is one of the frontrunners in having a short process of experimenting with EdTech. They reduced the time it takes to introduce new EdTech applications into education by developing a quick scan. By completing a simple questionnaire, lecturers and students can submit a proposal for experimenting with a new EdTech application at any time of the year. This questionnaire includes questions about what kind of tool it is, what data collection takes place and whether help is needed from Fontys IT services.

In this way, the quick scan creates a simpler decision-making process and thus a faster innovation process. In addition, it reduces the requirements of standard procurement processes, making it possible to experiment with smaller projects. All stakeholders involved are enthusiastic about this approach, as it opens up new possibilities and speeds up the innovation process.

Overview of EdTech tools
Even after developing the quick scan, Fontys continues to innovate. For example, they are currently developing an overview of available EdTech tools. Among other things, this overview will show users which EdTech applications are already available, and what the advantages and disadvantages of these are. This conscious approach speeds up the purchasing process of EdTech applications at Fontys. In addition, Fontys is also working on new ways to experiment with the future scalability of EdTech tools.

Find out more
Would you like to know more about how Dutch higher education institutions innovate and experiment with EdTech? Then read the publication ‘Adventurous collaborations: EdTech models from experimentation to application‘ by the EdTech working group. And keep an eye on the website, because more blogs will follow!

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