Maturity model for educational innovation with EdTech

The working group EdTech for educational innovation has created a maturity model for educational innovation with EdTech. The target audience for this model is higher education institutions but also EdTech vendors and startups may benefit from knowing the model. 

What is a maturity model?

Making a landscape of various organisational characteristics more relatable is easier with a maturity model. These models can help see a more objective performance assessment and or indications of how possible new levels of readiness or development can help lead to better performance overall. In the video on the right John Walker gives a brief explanation about the model.

How does it help educational innovation with technology?

This model stands as a second piece to the ongoing project Supporting the EdTech innovation process in higher education from the EdTech working group. The publications to follow will build on the research collected during this model overview to produce a general maturity model for EdTech innovation in higher education institutions. The previous report, Adventurous collaborations (2022), looked at various educational institutions in the Netherlands and how they purchase and innovate with educational technologies. This report features real EdTech innovation processes and recognises the potential progression of each dimension. It is a conversation starter and supports organisations in finding ways to achieve strategic, visionary, and forward-thinking goals together.

During the upcoming months, the working group will create more supplementary material to support institutions that want to increase their maturity level on specific elements of the model. Keep an eye out on the website for updates.

Below you can find the model, report and breakdown of the model. These documents are also available to download.



Read the full report on the development and application of the model here.

Maturity model

View the maturity model here.

Breakdown models

Here you will find a breakdown of the model’s definitions; systems, strategy, structure and people.

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