AI in Higher Education Field Lab

On June 16, 2021, the Facilitating professional development for lecturers zone organised its first Hackathon AI in Higher Education – with 4 teams, 24 hours to spare and 3 judges. Of that hackathon the zone has created a field lab, in which she describes the hackathon as well as the advantages AI has for higher education. Think of:

  • better alignment of education with the student;
  • increasing the effectiveness of digital educational resources.

With this field lab, the zone is therefore addressing the question: How do you (as a lecturer) use Artificial Intelligence in higher education? The living lab contains a work package, which includes a professional development method. In addition, the zone also makes handy documents available: from an e-mail for recruiting Jedi’s to the preparation module. You can download all parts of the living lab below.

Download all parts of the field lab here

Placemat AI in higher education

Download the placemat and prepare your own education with AI! The placemat contains the ingredients, preparation method and points of attention when it comes to using AI in higher education.

Download the placemat AI here

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