Field Lab Open Educational Resources

Would you like to get started with Open Educational Resources? The Open Educational Resources Field Lab is a package of tools institutions can use to set up their own professional development initiative for Open Educational Resources. It includes a manual, six sessions with assignments, and a placemat. It’s aimed at the professional development of lecturers and support staff regarding Open Educational Resources.

Why Open Educational Resources?

  • They help to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 (inclusiveness, equality,
    accessibility and quality of education).
  • They support the social responsibility of institutions to make resources created with public funding available to everyone.
  • They support the exchange of knowledge and materials related to the lecturer’s discipline, giving the lecturer a wider range of high-quality educational resources.

These are only a few reasons of many why the use Open Educational Resources is beneficial. Are you curious about the other reasons and would you like to know more about the field lab? Download all the materials below.

The field lab is a collaboration between the Facilitating professional development for lecturers zone and the Towards digital (open) educational resources zone. It is part of the Field Labs for Professional Development.

Download all parts of the field lab here

Placemat Open Educational Resources

Download the placemat and prepare your own education with Open Educational Resources! The placemat lists the ingredients, preparation methods, and what to be mindful of when it comes to Open Educational Resources.

Download the placemat here

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