A focus on educational IT specialists

Making optimal use of the possibilities of IT in higher education requires new knowledge and skills from lecturers. As a result, more and more positions have been created for professionals who facilitate and professionalise instructors in the area of educational innovation with IT. The zone Facilitating professional development for lecturers calls them educational IT specialists and conducted research on them.

The exploration ‘A focus on educational IT specialists’ provides an overview of the similarities and differences between the job titles, tasks, competencies, and professional development opportunities of educational IT specialists currently working in higher education. The survey includes four questions:

  1. What job titles are used for educational IT specialists?
  2. What are the tasks of an educational IT specialist?
  3. What are the required competences of educational IT specialists?
  4. What professional development opportunities do educational IT specialists have?

A number of recommendations are the result of the exploration. Would you like to know what they are? Download the report below.

Download the report here

Overview picture by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

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