Formative Assessment Handout

Following the Digital Peer Feedback handout and the Online Didactics handout, the Facilitating Professional Development for Lecturers zone has now also published the Formative Assessment handout. The handout gives you – in your role as a lecturer – a convenient basis to help you design (digital) formative assessments.

Real acceleration doesn’t take place in the zone, but within the context of a training course. This is why we at the Professional Development zone design our own range of professional development activities around educational innovations, and we try them out within our own institutions. Others can then benefit from our work too.

The handouts are part of the “Professional Development Field Labs” of the zone. Institutions use these field labs to try out professional development approaches and follow them up with research. The field labs are designed around four themes: peer feedback, online didactics, learning analytics and formative assessment.

Header photo by Jason Coudriet via Unsplash

Download the formative assessment handout here


Explanation field lab for formative testing

In this animation you will find a summary of the steps in the cycle of formative assessment. Use the animation with the placemat to set up your formative assessments.

Would you like to know more about the collection of placemats and the testing field labs they are part of? Watch video by Egbert, in which he explains how the field labs in the zone work and how you can get started with them.

Play Video
Play Video

Living labs

More information?

The Professional development Zone is working on Living labs to experiment with professional development strategies for lecturers in higher education. In this video, Egbert Neels tells us more about how these living labs work.

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