(Digital) Formative Assessment Field Lab

Applying formative assessment in higher education

The Facilitating Professional Development for Lecturers zone developed the Formative Assessment field lab in collaboration with the University of Twente. This field lab is designed for lecturers in higher education who want to integrate the process of formative evaluation into their teaching. By participating in a number of sessions, lecturers learn how to:

  1. make learning goals and success criteria explicit for their students;
  2. collect student responses;
  3. analyse the reactions of students with regard to the learning objectives;
  4. communicate with students about their learning process;
  5. adapt their teaching based on the information collected.

In this field lab, teachers evaluate the use of formative assessment based on video recordings of themselves and each other. This invites reflection and the exchange of experiences.

Download all parts of the field lab here

What is formative assessment?

Formative assessment can be defined as the process by which lecturers or student peers elicit, interpret and use evidence about a student’s learning by to make decisions about the next steps in teaching and learning. This process has recently received a lot of attention in (higher) education, because of the potential to improve students’ learning outcomes and to guide their learning processes. Several factors are important for a successful implementation of formative assessment: a positive attitude and the required knowledge and skills of lecturers, active involvement of students, and facilitation by the educational institution.

Play Video


In this animation you will find a summary of the steps in the cycle of formative assessment. Use the animation with the placemat to set up your formative assessments.

Would you like to know more about the collection of placemats and the testing field labs they are part of? Watch video by Egbert, in which he explains how the field labs in the zone work and how you can get started with them.

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