Handout Digital Peer Feedback

In addition to the Online Didactics handout, the FacilitatingProfessional Development zone has the Digital Peer Feedback handout available. For digital peer feedback, we have opted for the form of professional development in professional learning communities (PLGs). This handout contains tips to get you started with digital peer feedback in your education!

After all, real acceleration doesn’t take place in a zone, but within a training course. That is why, as theProfessional Development zone, we design our own range of professional development materials around educational innovations, and we try this out within our own institutions. Others can benefit from this too.

The handouts are part of the “Living Labs for Professional Development” of the zone. In these testing grounds, institutions try out professional development approaches and follow these with research. The living labs are designed around four themes: peer feedback, online didactics, learning analytics, and formative testing.

Would you like to participate in one of the testing grounds? Or do you have questions about the handout? Please contact the zone via docentprofessionalisering@versnellingsplan.nl.

Download the handout digital peer feedback here

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