Digital Competence Indicator

Integrate digital competences into profiles for (higher) education and work

Does a nurse know how to handle his patient’s electronic record? And can a farmer combine sensor data from different systems to choose an optimal approach? The demand for digital competencies is increasing in almost all professions. Our task is to have students enter the professional field prepared and digitally competent, allowing them to continue developing.

That’s what the Digital Competence Indicator is for: a tool to pay attention to the integration of digital competencies in competence profiles – in both training profiles in education and job profiles in the professional field. Developed by the Strengthening digital human capital zone.

Scan a training or work profile for digital competences

Clarify which digital competences are still missing.

Integrate missing digital competences in your profile

About the Digitale Competence Indicator

Examples digital competences

Example 1 Nurse

This is Floor. Floor is a nurse. She also needs digital competences for her profession. She processes patients’ statuses in the electronic patient record (EHR). She understands how that digital information is structured and what information to add. She also knows its value, for herself and for her colleagues in the health care system. She learned this during her training and now applies it in her work.

Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 13-22-13 #Zegja - korte versie

Example 2 Lecturer

This is Sam. Sam is an English lecturer. While studying at university, he learned what role digital competencies play in learning and keeping up with a foreign language. Now he uses his digital competencies to teach his students the same. For instance, he teaches them English via apps – like songs via Spotify. Contemporary and refreshing for the students.

Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 13-26-43 #Zegja - Wij zeggen ja tegen digitalisering

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