Handout on Learning Analytics

Useful basis for the use of learning analytics

The handout on Learning Analytics gives lecturers a basis for giving feedback on information about the current situation, so that students and lecturers can take corrective actions during the learning process. The handout has been developed by the Facilitating Professional Development for Lecturers zone, and Learning Analytics is an important part of this, as it concerns data about the education of students.

Download the handout Learning Analytics here

Handouts from Professional development zone

In addition to the Learning Analytics handout, handouts are also available on Digital Peer Feedback, Online Didactics and Formative Assessment. The handouts have been created within the field labs of the Professional Development zone. These field labs are designed around four themes: peer feedback, online didactics, learning analytics and formative assessment. In the field labs, higher education institutions try out new professional development approaches, which are then followed by research.

Real acceleration does not take place in a zone, but within the institutions. That is why the Professional Development zone designs its own professional development programmes or educational innovations, and tries them out within its own institutions. Others will then be able to benefit from this.

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