Blended Education Field Lab

Blended education: achieving a mix of online and on-site activities

Blended (or hybrid) education is now commonplace in higher education. The Facilitating Professional Development for Lecturers zone has therefore developed the Blended Education Field Lab. For many institutions blended education stands for contemporary education where students learn to learn actively in an engaged and meaningful way. The term “blended” emphasises the combination of online and on-site activities and resources in the teaching process, as well as synchronous and asynchronous learning. But what does such a combination actually look like? And how do you achieve a mix within your own teaching process that is effective, efficient and appealing for students and teachers alike? Both questions and corresponding answers are central to the Blended Education Field Lab of the Facilitating Professional Development for Lecturers zone.

The field lab is a professional learning community (PLC) focusing on the design, development, implementation and evaluation of (renewed) blended education.

The field lab consists of different phases and sessions: a launch session (Phase 0), an analysis phase (Phase 1), a design and development phase (Phase 2) and, finally, an implementation and evaluation phase (Phase 3). Lecturers and educational designers make choices together about their professional development with regard to this theme. The manual provides them with a rich collection of resources and materials to help them shape each phase in this PLC.

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