Zone EdTech starts as working group mid-July

Start working group EdTech

During the past two years, the Acceleration Plan has been working on the EdTech theme through the zone Acceleration educational innovation with EdTech. The zone consisted of three universities and three colleges of higher education and achieved good results. Because not all institutions were able to continue their participation, we now choose to carry out the follow-up activities on this important theme in the form of a working group.

Jelle Kok (project manager) and Nienke Stumpel (community manager) will start in mid-July. Together, they will look at what the needs are and use them as the basis for a new plan for the working group. This will build on the results achieved in the EdTech zone and the ideas raised in a study commissioned by Twynstra Gudde for the Acceleration Plan. A working group will be formed of employees of higher education institutions who work with EdTech companies on the basis of their institution. The working group will exchange knowledge and serve as a sounding board for the activities to be carried out.

Are you interested in participating in the working group to take Edtech to the next level? Sign up via

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