Report: Experts on evidence-informed educational innovation with IT

What factors influence the evidence-informed educational innovation process within higher education institutions? With this as its central research question, the Evidence-informed educational innovation with IT zone interviewed various experts – about vision, resources and conditions, process, collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Little research has been done in the Netherlands into how higher education institutions work in an evidence-informed manner on educational innovation. The zone wanted to change this with this inventory. The zone also wants this report to provide more insight into what form of sustainable collaboration meets the needs of the institutions – one of the zone’s ambitions.

The zone has developed two sub-reports. The first sub-report gave an initial insight into the state of affairs and the approach to evidence-informed educational innovation with IT, within the Dutch higher education sector. Part 2 of the report has a similar structure and thus offers a follow-up with additional insights. However, a new question has been added to this report: What is understood (within the institutions) by evidence-informed educational innovation? After five additional interviews, the authors have formulated nine recommendations. A summary of this second report is now available.

Curious about the summary? Download it below.

Download the summary here

Summary of report 2

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