Template for Instruments for Evidence-informed Educational Innovation with IT

If you use instruments for evidence-informed educational innovation with IT within your higher education institution, you should describe them using the template provided by the Evidence-informed Educational Innovation with ICT zone. The zone has made this template available to collect instrument descriptions and then share them to help inspire others. For the Evidence-informed zone, this concerns instruments for the design, development, evaluation, monitoring and quality assurance of educational innovation with IT. These kinds of instruments consist, for example, of questionnaires or quizzes to measure the effects, or a ‘proven technology’ to further develop IT. The template is intended not only to collect instrument descriptions, but also help you evaluate your instruments internally based on evidence-informed work. The Evidence-informed zone focuses on monitoring the use of educational technology within an improvement cycle (such as PDCA or ADDIE). If you have tools for evidence-informed educational innovation with IT and would you like to share them, we encourage you to fill in the template and contact the team leader Nico Boot ( You may also contact Nico with any questions you may have.

Download the template in PDF here

Download the template in Word here

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