Evaluation report: Open Educational Resources (OER) workshops

In 2020, the Towards digital (open) educational resources zone held its first workshop, entitled ‘Redesigning your education with educational resources provided by others’. Are you curious about the evaluation and results? The University of Groningen (RUG), as one of the participating institutions in the zone, presents the Evaluation Report on Open Educational Resources (OER) workshops.

From roadmap to workshop

After designing and delivering the online workshop, a step-by-step plan was developed in collaboration with RUG, SURF, and HAN University of Applied Sciences. This plan makes it possible to develop a complete online workshop for instructors so that they can start using open educational resources. The roadmap includes the HAN pilot workshop and the RUG pilot workshop.

After the pilot workshop, RUG continued to host the workshop, and so far 43 RUG lecturers and education support staff have taken part in three online workshops. The evaluation report sets out what the lecturers, support staff and workshop leaders have learned. The evaluation consists of three parts:

  1. What the participants learned and what was improved as a result of their feedback;
  2. Stories about behavioural change of the participants;
  3. What the workshop facilitators learned, not just from the participants but also in terms of organisation.

Spoiler alert!

In the report, RUG concludes that the workshops have been a success! However, it was also noted that time is scarce for lecturers, which means continuous support in the initial phase and hassle-free support in the longer term are necessary. This can be done by providing information, easy tooling, platforms, and sufficient manpower to support academics directly.

Download the evaluation report here

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