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Towards a solid foundation for better job market connection

On 1 February, the Better connection to the job market zone met in a focus group with various participants from education, the business community and the government. In several rounds, participants discussed issues concerning the start-up of a hybrid learning environment. It was valuable to hear all opinions and experiences.

It was valuable to hear all opinions and experiences.

There were 22 participants from different perspectives. They represented educational institutions, the business community, and the government. Their roles varied from student, instructor or professor to supervisor, researcher or advisor.

Match between education and business is important

Looking at the results through the back of the hand, the crux of a hybrid learning environment would seem to lie in a good match between the business community and education. Both have shared goals, namely to ensure skilled and professional people. At the same time, there are differences. At the educational institution, the emphasis is on student development and research. For the business community, the results and returns are important.

The focus group revealed that it is important to gain insight into the objectives of the learning environment and the intended results for education, students, and businesses. The following also came up for discussion: in order to achieve good cooperation, it helps if education and business take ownership of the learning environment. This will lay a solid foundation for regular communication, joint efforts, further development of the learning environment and financing. An independent booster and coordinator, for example from the government, can help make the joint learning environment a success.

Taking the results further

The zone will incorporate the results of the focus group in the development of a tool for education and the business community. That tool will contain more detailed recommendations for setting up a hybrid learning environment. We expect to publish the tool in the course of April.

Do you have any questions about the focus group or the tool? Please contact Lonneke Brands,

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