Job market connection zone starts focus group and is looking for participants


Call for participants

  • Date 1 February 2021
  • From 09.00-12.00hrs.

Recommendations for the connection between education and the professional field

In 2019, the Job Market Connection zoneconducted research into possible improvements for the connection between education and the labor market. This research has resulted in three infographics (in Dutch, English to follow) with recommendations for organising collaboration between education and the professional field.

Participants wanted

Now that the infographics are available to all of higher education, the zone wants to set up a focus group in which they continue to validate and expand these recommendations.

The focus group takes place on Monday 1 February and the team is now looking for participants. Are you a student, teacher, programme coordinator, or team leader within higher education? Or do you work in the private sector or government, and are you working on professionalisation, in human resources, or are you an internship supervisor or director of a field lab? Then we would like to invite you to participate in the focus group.

Why participate?

As a participant in the focus group you belong to the “top of the indispensable” when it comes to cooperation between education and the professional field. We wish to work with you to further refine the recommendations and, if possible, expand them in order to contribute to a better connection between education and the professional field.

During the focus group, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences, insights, and needs. The focus group takes place online and all participants will receive a token at their home address for participation.

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