Action plans 2021


What are the plans of 2021?

New year, new plans. The team leaders prepared their plans of action for 2021 at the end of last year and recently presented them to the steering committee. The steering committee was positive about the zones’ plans and saw how much progress has been made in the past year. The steering committee was impressed with the level of ambition of the plans.

The plans are now available to everyone. You can find them on the zone landing pages under ‘Action plan’. On this page, you’ll find summaries of the plans. If you have any questions about the plans, please contact the team leader of the relevant zone. Contact details can be found under our contact page.

Action plans per zone

Read the plans of the zones here:


The action plan for the EdTech zone is missing. The zone was recently discontinued in its current form. EdTech continues to be highly important to the Acceleration Plan. We’re currently mapping out how the results of the zone can be taken further, and which projects can be undertaken in the final two years of the Acceleration Plan to give a further impulse to accelerating educational innovation with EdTech.

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