Vision document educational resources 2025

The optimal mix of educational resources in 2025

The Towards digital (open) educational resourceszone is working towards the following ambition:

On 1 January 2023, higher education institutions in The Netherlands will be able to offer lecturers and students the opportunity to compile and use an optimal mix of educational resources for them.

In order to better determine which steps are required to realise the ambition of the zone, the Acceleration Plan’s Strategy Team wishes to gain more insight into the present and future of digital learning materials. Therefore, this mission statement has been formulated:

“Develop a concrete vision of how the higher education sectorideally wishes to use digital educationalresources, this should include aroadmap of what steps can be taken in the next 5 years.”

Vision and building blocks

The following two components have been assumed for the execution of the assignment:

  1. Vision formation: What does the process to arrive at, and use of, the optimal mix of educational resources by lecturers and students ideally look like in 2025?
  2. Building blocks: What is required for students and lecturers to compile and use the optimal mix of educational resources?

This vision document was developed by a working group within the Digital (open) educational resources zone. The document presents a vision with 8 vision statements. Building blocks have been described to realise these vision (statements) based on the current situation. The urgency, the opportunities, the current situation, and a foundation for the vision statements and building blocks to realise this, are also described. The working group expects this to form a solid basis for targeted steps in order to accelerate the correct use of digital (open) educational resources.

Download the vision document here

Working group

The working group consists of:

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