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Innovation and implementation of digital educational resources

By 2023, students and lecturers will be using an optimal mix of (digital) educational resources – consisting of open, semi-open and commercial materials. That is the ambition of the zone Towards digital (open) educational resources. To achieve that ambition, the zone has launched a large-scale two-year project to create the technical infrastructure for digital educational resources. Focusing on:

  • the further development of a national platform for collaborationon digital educational resources;
  • a support desk with social networkfunctionality;
  • the implementation of theplatformwithin educational institutions.

What exactly does the project entail? You can read about it on this page.

Further development of edusources

During the project, the Digital educational resources zone will continue to develop edusources on the basis of requirements of lecturers within professional communities and higher education institutions. This enables the possibility to make open, semi-open, and commercial materials available on the platform. There will also be a dashboard with extra functionalities that will allow lecturers to collaborate on various forms of digital educational resources. A content advisory committee that is yet to be established will advise on what content is interesting for various professional communities.

Support desk & accelerated adoption

These communities determine themselves what content they make use of. We are organising support for lecturers who want to get started with digital open educational resources. We are setting up a support desk: a knowledge centre with support products such as step-by-step plans and workshops. We will also provide support for specific subjects. The support desk is also a place where people can meet, network and exchange knowledge.

In the first year, institutions from the zone and previous pilots are invited to participate. As of the autumn of 2021, the zone will organise an open call to give other higher education institutions a chance to take part in this project.


This project involves intensive collaborationwith theLibraries Open and Online Education working group and SURF. The aim is to create a sustainable service for higher education in the Netherlands. We are taking an integrated approach by supporting institutions and communities centrally with the knowledge and resources available. We are also connecting experts and communities. The goal is to join forces and knowledge to make educational resources accessible from a single location.

Want to take part?

In order to develop and testallideas, the Digital educational resources zone will gather input from a focus group and a content advisory committee. Would you like to contribute to the design of the national support desk,, the developmentof the infrastructure or help determine the content strategy?

More information

An update about the activities you can find in the article on the reuse of educational resources. Furthermore, more information can be found here:

  • In the webinar “Open… how to make it happen?”, the plans for innovation and implementation of the Digital educational resources zone were presented during OE Week 2021. Zone members Wouter Kleijheeg (EUR) and Sylvia Moes wrote an article about it. Furthermore, Lieke Rensink wrote a blog about the support desk.
  • In 2020, a requirement studywas carried out to determine the needs of lecturers as regards to finding, sharing, editing, and creating various types of content together within cross-institutional partnerships (communities). The project proposal for Innovation and Implementation of Digital Open Educational Resources is based in part on this study.
  • An inventory was made of 30,000 open textbooks, categorised according to subject area, language, and year of publication, and how lecturers can use them.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information on the next steps? Contact Lieke Rensink, for example if you are interested in getting started with digital educational resources at your institution or if you want more information about the project.

If you have any questions about Digital educational resources zone, please contact:

Robert Schuwer 06 1446 9300


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Innovation and implementation of digital educational resources By 2023, students and lecturers will be using an optimal mix of (digital)

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