Infographic and report: inventory of open textbooks

In 2020, the Towards digital (open) educational resources zone made an inventory of open textbooks that can be used in campus education. The transition from commercial to digital open educational resources offers great opportunities for professionalising lecturers and reducing dependence on commercial publishers. The zone sees opportunities for stimulating this transition, specifically by making the reuse of open textbooks easier for lecturers. The infographic presents the inventory (Phase I) of open textbooks. More information about searchability (Phase I) and preservation (Phase II) can be found in the report.

In the infographic, the analysis of the inventory has been divided into two parts: the left-hand part concerns the entire collection of the inventory and the right-hand part shows a breakdown by subject area. It is also possible to search for relevant open textbooks yourself using the links from the portals. The subject areas mentioned correspond to the national search portal edusources because the open textbooks will eventually be made available within this portal.

Authors: Michiel de Jong and Sylvia Moes

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Download the report here

View the infographic here

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