Handbook of professional development

Based on the Educational Design Research model

Step-by-step plan for designing local field labs

The Professional development zone presents the Handbook of Professional development on educational innovation with IT. The handbook has been compiled by the team’s researchers, Dorien Hopster-den Otter and Marlies ter Beek, in close collaboration with members of the Field Labs working group.

This handbook is relevant for anyone involved in lecturers’ professional development in the field of educational innovation with IT, particularly in higher education. The development of lecturers requires a well-thought-out range of professionalisation activities appropriate to the needs of lecturers. This handbook provides guidelines for designing, executing, and evaluating these activities.

The idea behind this handbook is that higher education institutions can learn from each other and inspire each other. This can only be achieved if practical insights and experiences are shared. The step-by-step plan for designing the local field labs provides a structure to do so.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson via Unsplash

Download the brochure here

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