Guide and Prompting Board: Social Connectedness in Online and Blended Learning Communities

More and more education is flexible and personalised. This creates challenges in terms of students’ social connectedness with one another, with the study programme and with instructors. In addition, more and more education is being provided online and blended. This raises the question: How do you ensure that people can still find and reach each other in online and blended education?

The Making Education More Flexible zone conducted research into this. It resulted in a prompting board and a guide to social connectedness in online and blended learning communities. It presents concrete design principles with examples, working methods and (IT) tools. Download the prompting board and guide and get to work on strengthening social connectedness within online and blended learning communities.

Download the prompting board here

Download the guide here


Prompting board

The prompting board provides information about the design principles of social connectedness in online and blended learning communities. It also offers tips on how to apply these principles.


The guide contains all the information about the study of online connectedness in online and blended learning communities of the zone. It also contains a full explanation of the design principles that emerged from the study.

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