Learning Analytics Field Lab

The Facilitating Professional Development for Lecturers zone  has developed a field lab concerning learning analytics. In a series of six sessions, lecturers are gradually introduced to the use of educational data within their own teaching practice.

Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about students and their context, with the aim of understanding and improving student learning and the environment in which it occurs. Using the study data helps to improve and influence the learning process of students (at individual and group level) and can also help to enrich and even improve teaching. It provides insight into how students learn, so they can be optimally supported throughout their study career.

Download all parts of the Learning Analytics field labs here

Using the field lab

Learning analytics can be used to feedback information about the current situation, so that students and lecturers can make adjustments in the learning process. In the context of making education more flexible, learning analytics can, for example, be used to differentiate the educational approach based on the prior knowledge of students.

The field lab starts with formulating an educational goal and builds on existing knowledge. Subsequently, various topics are discussed such as ethics, data quality, privacy, data management and feedback of results to students.

Handout Learning Analytics

Part of the field labs of are the handouts of the Professional development zone available. The handout Learning Analytics gives lecturers a basis for giving feedback on information about the current situation, so that students and lecturers can adjust during the learning process.

Download the handout Learning Analytics here

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More information about the Learning Analytics field lab? The animation tells you what learning analytics entail exactly and what its added value is in higher education.

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