Building blocks for flexible education

Do you want to work on making education more flexible? And actually develop flexible education within your institution? This publication of the Making education more flexible zone gives you the building blocks to get started.

The publication starts with a general introduction to flexible education. It then goes on to describe the topics of learning outcomes, assessment, and learning activities, with the corresponding building blocks to help you develop flexible educational units.

Watch the webinar on the building blocks for flexible education.

During the webinar, the zone discusses in detail two of the building blocks from the publication. They also discuss what they learned during the development and how the publication is already being used at several higher education institutions.

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Student pathways

The zone has previously described flexible education on the basis of four student pathways. This publication is applicable to three of these student pathways, namely; “off the beaten track”, “my diploma” and “modular learning”. More information on the different student pathways can be found here.

Read more about building blocks for flexible education with personal learning routes and download the publication below.

Download the publication here

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