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Do you, as a startup, want to collaborate with a higher education institution on a challenge in which educational technology offers a possible solution? Then apply for the Startup in Residence EdTech programme – a pilot of the EdTech working group for educational innovation of the Acceleration Plan for Educational Innovation with ICT. The participating colleges and universities have formulated challenges. Startups can now respond to these challenges. Are you interested in participating with your startup? Register no later than 5 July!

Collaboration programme for startups and education
The EdTech working group will launch the first edition of Startup in Residence EdTech this year. This is a unique opportunity for startups and educational institutions to work together on an innovative solution to an educational challenge. The duration of Startup in Residence is approximately six months and is expected to start in October. During the six-month period, startups and institutions will be offered support and additional knowledge and experience to further develop their product or service.

Challenges: from cybersecurity education to efficient assessment tests
Seven universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences formulated their challenges in cooperation with the EdTech working group. These ranged from the development of an online environment for information provision regarding the (re)design of blended education to a solution for more efficient assessment of tests for large groups. If the programme is successful and the participants are mutually satisfied, it is possible for them to purchase the product or service.

Join the programme
Do you want to know more about the Startup in Residence EdTech? On the programme page you can find more information and all the challenges. You can also join the online information meeting on 9 June (11.00 – 12.00). A registration link for this will follow shortly.

Photo by Kai Gradert on Unsplash

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