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Did your team just finish a cool experiment with EdTech within an educational institution? Are you in the middle of an educational innovation project with a new EdTech tool? Do you have a question, or do you want to share your opinion on an EdTech issue? Then we are looking for you!

In 2021, the EdTech working group started the EdTech community for educational innovation. The community’s goal is to make cooperation between institutions and between institutions and EdTech companies, more effective. By now, dozens of interested parties have joined the community.

After a flying start with several meetings, the EdTech community for educational innovation was given its page on communities.surf.nl. The working group wants to fill this page with examples from the education sector, start-ups or the business community – examples of how to innovate and experiment with Educational Technology (EdTech) within higher education. But also how a start-up deals with EdTech issues. The working group has already made a start with several examples:

Experimenting with EdTech – what can we learn from Avans?
Experimenting with EdTech – what can we learn from Fontys?

Do you have an article lying around? Post it on the community page and share your knowledge! Do you have an idea and would you like to develop it further? The working group would like to think along with you.

Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

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