Challenges and perspectives of remote assessment


Addressing national issues

The past year – with corona pandemic and online education – led to many issues surrounding Remote Assessment. Think of issues around online proctoring, organisation of tests and working on alternatives to regular tests. This was the reason for setting up the Remote digital assessment working group. Last autumn, I (Sharon Klinkenberg) started the working group together with Annette Peet (SURF) and Marjoleine Dobbelaer (HAN). In this working group, we are working closely with the Special Interest Group on Digital Testing and the national network for test competence. One of the subjects that we immediately dived into is online proctoring.

Challenges of online proctoring

We approach the issue of online proctoring from various perspectives. Within the institutions, for example, a large number of stakeholders are involved in proctoring: from students to exam committees, from procurement to ICT officers, from privacy and security experts to lecturers and programme managers, and so on. It is important to take these different perspectives into account when considering the use of online proctoring.

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Webinar: The future of online proctoring

At the SURF Education Days we were able to make a nice kick-off, but due to limited time it was not possible to go into depth. Therefore, in cooperation with the SIG Digital Testing, we organised a webinar in the following week about the future of online proctoring. There, we discussed the various scenarios in which online proctoring could be used in the future. You can watch the full webinar on the left. With the tip to increase the playback speed, so that you don’t actually have to spend an hour.

Stay up to date

In short, we have not been sitting around doing nothing. But there is still much to do. High on our agenda is the creation of a value compass for online proctoring. But we are also drawing up a vision on the future of assessment in higher education. Would you like to stay informed? Then send an e-mail to Annette Peet and we will put you on our mailing list. You can also become a follower of our SURF community; you will then receive automatic updates when we post a new article. And are you curious about our planning? Check out the timeline of our Roadmap here.

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