Acceleration Plan 2020: an overview

After two years of the Acceleration Plan, 2020 was the year of the acceleration. Time to take stock. Where these are for and how you can implement them? That we present in this overview.

In 2020, the eight zones delivered tools, workshops, visions and research. Think of position papers, requirement studies and in-depth publications. All results can be found in the infographic, including clickable links to more information about the delivered products.

You will also find an overview of achieved results in figures. We made 49 videos and in total more than 6000 people downloaded our products. What else we did in 2020? As a result of the pandemic and the switch to online education, we started to new working groups: Online education of practical skills and Remote digital assessment. We also started the Vraagbaak Online Onderwijs with partners SURF, ComeniusNetwerk and ECIO. Last but not least: the EdTech zone created the EdTech Validation Lab 2020. You can find that and more at the link above.

In Dutch we created an infographic, in which all of the results presented above are presented.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Download the infographic here

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